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Curious to know what I am thinking about? Don't be afraid to read my latest desires. If you can read my mind, you will be on the right way to my heart and body ;)

Thanksgiving Party Date: Nov 21st @ 8:03am EST
Hello my dear ones,

Ready for another Flirt Babes Party? We sure are!

This Thanksgiving, we prepared something special. It's Thanksgiving after all. We need to show people we care about just how thankful we are to be spoiled by them! Right?

There will be many new games and we are excited to try them all! Also, as always, we have nice prizes we will give away. It's so exciting!

I can't wait for Thursday, 23 November at 7 PM EST to make all of this happen! This Thanksgiving will be special in every way.

Oh, and it's also my first! ;)

So... Where will you spend your Thanksgiving?
Night Out with Nikki, Summer and Sophia Date: Nov 18th @ 7:43am EST
Hello my dear ones,

Are you in mood for a night out with three fabulous babes? We are bringing that to you this Wednesday, 22 November at 3 PM EST. I am excited, how about you?

Nikki, Sophia and me like to party and we have prepared some nice surprises for you! Also, we like to have a drink or two or five and you know how crazy we can become after those. So, if that isn't worth joining us, then I don't know what is.

Come on guys, everyone's invited! We are so happy to have you so don't miss this party. It's worth it!
Sensual Show Worth Watching Date: Oct 26th @ 6:44am EDT
Hello dear ones,

I am here, once again, to perform for you. I am a sensual lady that knows what she wants and I feel so special when someone makes me happy. I know how to pleasure a man and those who already met me know that very well.

So, dears, come and take part in my sensual show this Monday, 30 October at 4 PM EST.

I will be a bit tired from our Party this Friday and I will need relaxing. Are you in? I will be more than happy to have you there and satisfy you. Who wouldn't be interested? :D

I will be waiting :)
Halloween Party Date: Oct 24th @ 6:42am EDT
Hello dear ones,

Together with the other Flirt Babes, I have come to the idea to throw a Halloween Party. What do you think about that? Are you in?

You know I am all about Summer and I like warm weather. That's why, even in October, we are rising up the temperature. Don't worry, we won't scare you. We will excite you ;)

Join us this Friday, 27 October at 1 PM EST. We are waiting.
My Sensual Show Date: Oct 20th @ 6:17am EDT
Hey there,

If you have met me, you know how loved you can feel once you're in my room. I am all about the sensuality and it's so intense you can feel it on your skin just by looking at me.

Because of that, I wanted to throw my own Sensual Show to show you guys just how much I have to offer. You know you will want to come back to me.

Join me on Tuesday, 1 PM EST and enjoy every part of my sensual body. I am waiting for you. Try not to miss it, it'll mean a lot to me:)
My First Meet and Greet Party Date: Oct 14th @ 7:11am EDT
Hello dear ones,

I will host my first meet and greet party this Tuesday. I was hoping you will come and greet me properly.

Some of you might already know me, especially after the party this weekend at LCM but I would love to meet everyone who missed me until now.
Of course, each and every one of you is welcome :)

I will be ready to give you moments of pleasure and introduce myself properly.

It will happen on Tuesday, 17 October at 11 PM EST. I would like to have you in my show so I can show you why I am worth having ;)

Hugs my dear ones, I'll be waiting.
Bath Time with Summer Date: Oct 9th @ 9:57am EDT
Hello guys,

I have my first scheduled show and I was hoping you would come and enjoy it with me.

I want to do take a nice long bath with you. Let us get wet and all steamed up. Be there and support my first show as a Flirt Babe.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 10 October at 12 AM EST
Flirt Babes Party Invitation Date: Oct 9th @ 9:49am EDT
Hello guys!

I am new and I was hoping you would welcome me by coming to our new party, this Friday.

Itâs October, the temperature outside is getting low but in the Live Cams Mansion, we are rising it up. You already know we like to party and know how to please a man.
You might notice itâs being crowded in the Mansion last few days. We want to use this as an opportunity to present you some of our new girls. Letâs show you what they can do. Of course, the babes you are used to are also attending. Curious yet?
We will play games, dance, drink and we would absolutely love if you could make it. Letâs have fun together and see what this new crowd can do. Donât forget to save the date and join us in the first autumn show this year. Canât wait to greet you all. We are waiting for you this Friday at 4 PM EST. Kisses and lots of love.

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